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Rebekka Bakken - "Songwriting is like alchemy"
With her new album "Morning Hours", the Norwegian blonde beauty emerges like a princess from the forest and presents songs destined to take the hearts of her listeners by storm. Despite that big ambit ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Magnus Fra Gaarden - "No Coke—but Bionade!"
Similar things could happen as with the small manufacturer who invented the ecological lemonade "Bionade"—thanks to an inventive and convincing marketing campaign, the bio-drink in large parts of Germ ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Vienna Teng - "A mixed tape full of songs"
For several years, Vienna Teng has worked as software engineer—but from early childhood on, there was something else calling for her: She started to play classical piano at the age of five ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Sarah-Jane Morris - "I write my life into song"
One year ago she was touring with Sting's guitarist Dominic Miller-just the two of them-and played some extraordinary concerts by chosing a repertoire that fitted perfectly into this intimate atmosphe ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Ronan Guilfoyle - "Seven in one"
Seven in one—it almost reads like one of Ronan Guilfoyle's rhythmic patterns. But it could also stand for bassplayer, composer, bandleader, author, organizer/musical director, teacher, producer. Ronan ... [more]
by Herbert Federsel

Caroline Henderson - "I give classics a new dimension!"
Five years ago Danish jazzsinger Caroline Henderson set a landmark in interpreting jazz standards with her album "Don't Explain". Now, in 2008, her album "No. 8" she moves on ... [more]
by Carina Prange

A Fine Frenzy - "Trying to grab a cherry..."
She is a young woman of twenty-two, claims her songwriting to be inspired by Lewis Carrol and other writers of phantastic literature, plays the piano equally well as she sings with a haunting voice. ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Lizz Wright - "Music is about the journey"
On her new CD "The Orchard" Lizz Wright steps forward with a new palette of songs that reflect her lifelong musical journey and also closes a circle that began with her debut "Salt" and the second ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Caecilie Norby - "Juicy, tasty, ripe..."
She likes to challenge herself all the time as she states herself: With her new album "Slow Fruit", Caecilie Norby casts off again—her voice ever so soulful, mature and expressive. The 43 years-old ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Stephen Duffy - "The color of lilac"
Stephen Duffy, the British songwriter, guitarist and singer of the band "The Lilac Time" in the past obviously did not spare any effort to fall though the meshes of success. He left Duran Duran which ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Tord Gustavsen - "Dilemmas in music and relationships"
This interview with the Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen took place some months ago. Now, as 2007 comes to an end, there finally is time to scribble down and publish what we talked about. For several ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Kristin Asbjørnsen - "About being a wayfaring stranger"
As her name reveals at first sight, the singer and songwriter Kristin Asbjørnsen doesn't come from the USA but from Norway. Nevertheless her current album "Wayfaring Stranger", published by Emarcy ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Sonya Kitchell - "Listening to someone's footsteps..."
This year in May Sonya Kitchell could be experienced in a few German cities as opener for pop musician Joe Jackson. Before that she had shared the stage with Tuck & Pattie or Shawn Colvin. All the ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Mark Bragg - "Stories without moral"
Mark Bragg is a Canadian singer-songwriter, who went on tour in Germany some months ago, supporting "The Boss Hoss". His concerts as well as the music on his new album "Bear Music" are sort of trashy, ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Karl Seglem - "The call of the goat horn"
There is Ying and Yang, black and white in everything. In Karl Seglem's world there is traditional Norwegian Folk Music and Electronics combined with his own interpretation of what jazz is ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Arlo Guthrie - "Wash their dishes, clean their house"
Arlo Guthrie, son of the legendary worker-singer Woody Guthrie, has been "on the road" by now for over 40 years. Like for his father before him the political song became his second nature: folk with ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Kari Bremnes - "Words are precious to me"
Kari Bremnes sees herself as "a songwriter". With this she not only underlines that to her lyrics are very important, but that the music definitely belongs to her and is not just being sung by her ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Mack Goldsbury - "A world sound on the saxophone"
A robust yet delicate sound on the tenor saxophone is the trademark which made Mack Goldsbury famous on the international stage, which helped him to advance from the provincial backwaters of Texas ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Joe Sample - "Fire in my spirit"
His name is directly and inseparably connected to the history of jazz and jazz rock—namely with the "Jazz Crusaders" and as a pioneer of contemporary electric jazz piano, Joe Sample was among ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Mike Keneally - "Back to nature"
On his solo-CD "Nonkertompf" Mike Keneally still preferred a strongly fragmented, electronic statement. Nowadays, the ex-Zappa guitarist - he played there from 1987 to 1988 ... [more]
by Carina Prange

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