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Josh Roseman - "To get the ball rolling"
He had been the "rising star" of the Downbeat Critics Poll 2003. The following year Josh Roseman astounded the public with his album "Treats for the Nightwalker" on Enja Records ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Under Byen - "The dream and the nightmare"
From "under the city", as their name translates, into the limelight of the world: This could be a short description of the success story of Under Byen. It already might appear unusual that a Danish-si ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Gene Coleman - "The wide field of sound"
The "Sound Field"-Festival in Chicago, always good for causing a stir in America’s progressive scene, is one of his foundings. Consequently also it‘s European counterpart "Transonic" in the "Haus der ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Misha Alperin - "One can become music"
The classically trained pianist and composer Misha Alperin was born in Ukrania. After having spent a number of industrious years in Moscow, he finally found his new homeland in Oslo ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Jocelyn B. Smith - "Girl, you go!"
Jocelyn B. Smith is back to her roots: A long journey passing through different phases well documented by her annual CD-publications. And as well visualized by her ever changing ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Mode Plagal - "Little Moon perhaps"
There are no better, or more delicate, old symbols for common ground across boundaries than Constantinople - Istanbul and Bosporus: Asia and Europe, Orient and Occident. ... [more]
by Thomas Götzelt

Rigmor Gustafsson - "Basically I sing guitar lines"
When in recent years Scandinavia came up with a seemingly endless stream of extraordinary and innovative instrumentalists, it at the same time turned out to be home of many excellent female singers as ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Josefine Cronholm - "Gardens and Paradises"
Josefine Cronholm is an extraordianry Swedish singer, age 32, and lives in Denmark. With her solo-debut-album "Wild Garden", she already received broad recognition ... [more]
by Katja Duregger

TM Stevens - "Like a nail that won´t go in"
T.M. Stevens skill as a bassist, vocalist is legendary. As a sideman he performed on CDs and in the touring bands of Joe Cocker, Tina Turner and other equally famous artists. His ferocious, yet melodi ... [more]
by Katja Duregger

Jean-Paul Maunick - "Out of the incognito"
Over the years Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick, the guitarist and mastermind behind the Soul-Jazz-project Incognito has accomplished two things: He not only integrated into the group's music numerous direct ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Harvie S - "Eye-contact with the listener"
Harvie S. – formerly Harvie Swartz – is considered among the greatest contemporary bass players. In his "first" career he played and recorded with Mike Stern, John Scofield, Kenny Barron, Gil Evans ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Brad Mehldau - "The process of searching"
In the jazz-community around the world, pianist Brad Mehldau is, to use an understatement, at least well-known. Mehldau belongs to the younger generation of musicians who, with the help of a ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Judy Niemack - "About Time"
Judy Niemack was born in Pasadena, California, and began singing in public in church at the age of seven. Throughout her school years she used to sing in every thinkable kind of vocal ensemble ... [more]
by Anja Fröhlich

Jocelyn B. Smith - "Back to Soul at last"
After excursions into the world of Gershwin and Weill, doing music of Miki Theodorakis and recording a Christmas-album, Jocelyn B. Smith finally returns to what her fans love her for: Soul-Jazz ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Steve Coleman - "Philosophie and Balance"
"Balance" is what plays the most important role in Steve Coleman´s life - both in private and in his work. Balance is to be understood as a universal system, as an aspect of his approach to music and ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Branford Marsalis - "Footsteps"
With "Footsteps of our fathers" Branford Marsalis underlines his dedication towards his musical fathers and idols. He has many musical fathers - and definitely doesn´t want to see them reduced to the ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Susi Hyldgaard - "In front without the box"
Her live performance equals her studio recordings - with an important difference: no CD could capture the emotional bandwidth Susi Hyldgaard and her band spread out in front of the listener ... [more]
by Katja Duregger

Sarah-Jane Morris - "Inside out"
Dressed in army-clothes, with bright red lips, she hits the stage - tough, but, at the same time, fragile in an amiable way ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Dalia Faitelson - "Shout, shock and touch"
Dalia Faitelson, born in the Negev Desert of Israel, is the daughter of a Bulgarian mother and an Israeli father. Meanwhile she works and lives as vocalist, songwriter, composer and guitarist ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Yellowjackets - "Close to the base"
The "Yellow Jackets" do exist continuously for more than two decades now. Their fans, however, had to survive the last four years without a new album out. Now finally their new double live-CD "Mint Ja ... [more]
by Carina Prange

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