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Hiram Bullock - "Music of many colors"
His latest album "Color me" proves Hiram Bullocks versatility - a stylistic crossover between Jazz, Soul, Pop, Rock and Funk. As a singer and guitarplayer Hiram does not like to be limited to being ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Eric Bibb - "In tune with the higher self"
Eric Bibb is an American Blues musician with a strong footing in Europe. His recent album "Painting Sign" was recorded in England and - like "Roadworks", the album before - is distributed in Germany ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Tierney Sutton - "Showing up to stay"
This spring jazz vocalist Tierney Sutton who published her second album for Telarc in the beginning of 2002 was on "Rising-Star-Tour" in Germany . On Tierney´s off-day in Berlin ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Craig Schoedler - "Fire and Love"
New Jersey bassist Craig Schoedler is mostly known for playing recording sessions and live gigs in jazz clubs and on festivals - an accomplished sideman popular for his chops and thick five-string ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Eivind Aarset - "Painting Pictures"
Eivind Aarset, a prominent protagonist of the new generation of Scandinavian guitarists is involved in projects like "Marilyn Mazur´s Future Song" and Nils Petter Molvaer´s band. Aarset also worked ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Darryl Jones - "Leaving the stones unturned"
Although he never was a member of the band´s "core", the time with the Rolling Stones undoubtedly was an important factor for the wide popularity Darryl Jones has nowadays. But he already had reached ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Pablo Ablanedo - "Bridges towards Listeners"
Pablo Ablanedo, a pianist from Argentina is living and performing in the United States. What might not seem an extraordinary thing - however there´s more behind this man, literally speaking ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Lynne Arriale - "How to teach fingers to sing"
Lynne Arriale definitely is one of the worlds most famous names in jazz-piano-playing. Her distinctive, lyrical style has let her conquer a strong position even in an otherwise male-dominated ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Mike Stern - "Guitars, vocals and world vibes"
In the end of the seventies - in 1978, he played Jazz-Rock in Billy Cobham´s band. Three years later he joined Miles Davis during his comeback-tour. After that he could be seen at the side of Jaco ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Bossacucanova - "Warm music in the cold"
Imagine Berlin in November: The first real cold days of the dark season, 6 degrees below zero in Celsius or 19 degrees in Fahrenheit. The German "football nation" is furious ... [more]
by Rainer Voss

Debbie Deane - "How to be oneself"
Another female singer in jazz - nothing new? Generally spoken this may be correct. However, sometimes there emerges another star on the horizon, a woman who is just herself ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Jeff Berlin - "Bass-icon and dedicated teacher"
The invention of new playing concepts never conceived before by other bassplayers - this especially is a major achievement of Jeff Berlin and deservedly made him one of "the" bassplayers ... [more]
by Carina Prange

David S. Ware - "Sound dimensions"
This man is well-known in the United States and in several European countries as well - in Germany he starts to get a wider audience. People love him for his new dimensions of sound ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Freddie Ravel - "Sol to Soul"
Recently we saw Freddie Ravel as the musical director of Al Jarreau´s Band - at the same time when his own single "Sunny Side Up" became No. 1 in the US-Jazz-Radio-Charts ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Terry Callier - "Alive!"
"Alive" is the titel of Terry Calliers latest album - published in 2001. During his Germany-tour this spring he gave proof of really being a legend ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Sidsel Endresen - "The dark moods in music ..."
Sidsel Endresen is a singer - one of those who would not be limited to one genre. Her way of singing seems to be a result of thought - it presents itself logical - a mind construct, and thus ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Jamaaladeen Tacuma - "The bass, unlimited"
He´s become wellknown as sideman of Ornette Coleman in the end of the 70ths, and for having recorded some very remarkable fusion-LPs under his own name ("Jukebox", "Show Stopper" and more) ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Kevin Coyne - "Sense and a sense of humour"
He is some kind of a "special" personality - as a musician, he has released more than forty CDs and been on stage for an equal number of years now. More than that: his art-paintings are famous among ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Chris Wood - "As intense as Charles Mingus?"
Medeski, Martin and Wood - in short: "MMW" - for several reasons have been called "the first boy-group in Jazz". The most significant fact in this context is that their live performances are not ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Freddie Bryant - "Musical kaleidoscope"
Freddie Bryant´s band is named "Kaleidoscope" and its main-focus is in Jazz and Brasilian music. But there is much more to be found in the music of this multi-talented guitarist: he studied jazz ... [more]
by Carina Prange

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