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RAD - "Energy, keyboards and voice"
For six years RAD lived in Hamburg, Germany - where she had her breakthrough with her first album "RADified" on her own label "Soulciety" - founded together with her husband Michael Kirsch ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Kim Clarke - "Soulful, bass-playing woman"
Kim Clarke is perhaps the only well-known bass-playing woman in Jazz - of her generation. While nowadays there might be ten female bassplayers in New York, she started as the Number One and stayed ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Jimmy Haslip - "Three questions ..."
There is nothing to discuss about the fact that Jimmy Haslip, bassplayer, and member of the Yellow Jackets from the beginning, is a personality of his own ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Christine Tobin - "Singing as a learning process."
Christine Tobin is one of the most promising young female singers in Europe. Standards or own material - all songs are an expression of her individual style ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Archie Shepp - "Jazz as a political statement"
Archie Shepp is well-known to everybody as a saxophone-player who can be seen on stage for more than forty years now. From the early 1960s he was closely associated with the avant-garde movement ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Gilad Atzmon - "A foreigner in London"
Primarily, Gilad Atzmon is known as an excellent saxophone-player, but there´s more important things to tell about him as well: He is a philosopher, has left Israel because of political reasons ... [more]
by Carina Prange

David Fiuczynski - "Live as a jazz punk?"
"Jazz-punk" - this is one possibility to describe the guitar-player Fiuczynski, who recently was on tour with Victor Bailey. However he is also proficient in the fields of funk-jazz, punk and rap ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Trilok Gurtu - "Honestly telling what he thinks"
Most of the time unknown to and unnoticed by the majority of German listeners, Trilok Gurtu has been living in Hamburg for a number of years . His Indian roots give his music a special meaning ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Franklin Kiermyer - "Way towards other cultures"
...Following own and foreign cultural roots and influences, the drummer and composer Kiermyer finally came into contact with music and culture from Nepal ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Farlanders - "Russia meets Europe"
The Farlanders had a great concert in Berlin, on the first of April. The band gave a demonstration, what a mixture of jazz, folk, rock, darkwave and songwriting from Russia can be: it was overwhelming ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Nguyên Lê - "This human dimension"
Some people think that doing a job and being a kind of personality are two different things. Others believe in the fact and try to behave in the direction, that there is no difference between ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Sally Nyolo - "Standing for the New Africa"
If we think of women living in Africa, we often have in mind thought-fragments like "suppression of women", "circumcision of girls", "poverty" and so on ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Gérard Batrya - "My life, my music"
Gérard Batrya lives in Germany for twenty years now - most of the time in Berlin - however he never lost the connection to his home-country, France. Today he is known for his bass-playing, but he ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Monday Michiru - "Small woman, endless power"
Monday Michiru has worked as an actress, as a journalist and as a radio-DJ, but she never forgot her aim in life: Singing and developing as a singer and as a human being ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Jim Beard - "Not afraid of humor!"
Musicians like Bill Evans, Randy Brecker and Mike Stern use to choose him as producer, he has been a well-known sideman for many years now ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Anantha R. Krishnan - "Mridangam-player"
Only 16 years old, but has already experienced many things in his life. He plays the "mridangam" since he is two years old, has always been on the road with his famous grandfather Palghat R. ... [more]
by Carina Prange

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